Company Profile
Mertay Makina



Our company has begun to serve the industry in 2007 as personal company “BMS Machinery – Mehmet Öztürk” . After a period of continuos achievements, increasing experience and new vision; the company has reconstructed itself to “Mertay Machinery and Metalworks” in 2008.

After successful brand registration, Mertay Machinery got itself a solid position in the industry with its expertise. As a result of hard work, company succeeded to get numerous patents in the projects that supported by The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK) and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Turkey (KOSGEB).


Mertay Machinery and Metalworks limited co. functions in the area of Project Design, Hyrolic – Pneumatic – PLC and CNC Automation Systems, Conveyor Systems, Devices and Fixtures, Injection mold, cut/piercing molds, On purpose Machinery production, Machinery revision and maintenance, All-purpose Industrial Metal and Steelworks (stainless, Black, Alu), Steel tanks, carriages, carryboxes, Alu sigma profile stall, Bench production, Steel construction, Quality-check benchtop, Mechanical installments production and montages.


Our Mission

Mertay machinery and metalworks is entrusted to:


With mutual respect, targeting the best quality level; to increase the trust of our colleagues, customers, rivals and providers to the highest level possible.

Absolute customer satisfaction.

Providing trainings to workers about Labor safety and health

Owning Ethical assets, respecting nature and protecting environment

Supporting creativity and renovation


Our Vision

Mertay machinery and metalworks aims to:


Being a brand as respected and arbiter company of the Machinery, Mechanics, Steel, Automation, Production industries  in Turkey and in the World. With the aid of our technological background  and experience, we wish to serve our customers at a level higher than their expectations. Our company is proud to work with and serve the respectful customers as a permanent solutuion partner.