Environmental, Labor Health and Safety Policy

As Mertay machinery and metalworks lim.co our environmental, labor health and safety policy depends on our respect to people and the nature that we all live in.  For us, environmental, labor health and safety policy have always first priority. According to the company rules, every person in the company is entitled to act within their responsibilities to maintain  a safe and healty work environment. Additonally, one of the most important aims of ours is to save our workers and environment against every possible risk of our industry. We aimed to make our company as an example to industry in the perspective of application of our safety policies.


To achieve this we are;


·         Systematically evaluating the uncertain situations and every risks that can create a thread to the work environment.

·         Planning the applications to prevent any environmental harm before they occur.

·         Reducing the harm of the raw materials to the environment that are used in product design and production processes.

·         Providing the social prosperity to the workers.

·         Informing and training the staff to guarantee the safety and healty environment.

·         Providing legal conditions for production activities.

·         Having a communication network with customers, providers, contractors and authorities in order to improve environmental, labor health and safety policies.