Our Company Presentation

Automatic Workstation Fixtures

Multipurpose Machines, Assembly Workstations and Fixtures(Screwing - Drilling - Measuring - Riveting - Soldering - Welding - Hot Stamping - Gluing and Inspection Machines)

Composite Products

Prepreg Carbon Fiber Parts - Varnishing and Lacquaring Jigs - Hard Coating and Anti Fog Jigs - SLS 3D Printing Prototyping

Heavy Duty Industrial Carts and Wagons

Production Line Transport and Handling - AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) Wagons and Fixtures

CNC Machined Parts

Precision CNC Machining up to Dimensions of 1500x600x500mm (0.01mm Tolerance) - Various Surface Treatments and Coatings - Measurement Report

Assembly Fixtures

Clamping - Screwing - Pressing - Gluing - Trimming - Riveting, and Sensor Inspection Fixtures for Operator-based and Robotic Assembly Lines and Workstations

PVD Metallization Tools

Automotive Lighting Reflective and Decorative PVD Metallization Masking Systems - Planets, Tools and Masks for Partial Coating of Platic and Metalic parts

Automotive Assembly Lines

Lighting Systems - Mirror Systems - Lock and Door Structures - EOL Photometric Homogeneity and Leakage Test - Vison Control - Laser marking

Conveyors and Assembly Lines

Continuous Production and Assembly Lines - Belt Roller Chain Systems - Incline Conveyors - Multi-Level Conveyors

Pipelines, Tanks, and Fluid Facilities

Stainless Steel Mixing and Dosage Tanks - Condensing Curved Pipes and Vessels - Aluminum and Copper Heat Exchangers

PLC Controlled Workstations

TIA Portal - WinCC - SCADA - Traceability System Integration - Drilling Machines - Assembly Lines - Final Inspection Stations - Photometric Test Stations

Plastic and Metal Molds

Carbon Fiber Molds - Plastic Injection Molds - Reaction Injection Molds (RIM) - Aluminum Injection Molds - Silicone Molds - Thermoform Molds

Platforms and Foundations

Stainless Steel Platforms, Stairs, Ramps, Barriers, Tramway Parks, Platform Bridges, and Machine Stainless Steel Trays for the Food Sector.

3D Printed Parts

SLS Laser Sintering Technology - Printing of Parts with Polyamide & Thermoplastic Elastomer Raw Material - Ø400mm x 220mm Parts with 0.1mm Precision

Plastic, Metal Surfaces, and Holders

Pick and Place Fixtures - Robotically Operated Motion Systems - Materials for Automatic Conveyors (Pallets) - Sequence Storage Racks

Measuring coordinates of solid parts via drop gauge clock, digital indicators or CMM - Automotive parts Flush and Gap point measurements